Grant McLean - New Pieces

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Check out the new Mt. Cheam and Ireland series

Coal Harbour 18"x72" Acrylic

(Giclée print available in February 2010)

Distance 6Into the Distance vi 12"x36" Acrylic painted June 2009

A Window into DublinA Window Into Dublin 11"x14" Acrylic
I owe the producing of this painting to one of my closest friends, himself a painter in his high school years, but like most of us, work, family, other interests, etc, tend to push things like painting off the agenda (unless it happens to be the fence or the interior of your home).

He challenged us both to do our own version of the same image, and having only the previous evening looked at some of our Ireland pidtures, he had commented on one shot, taken just outside the B&B we stayed in, along a main street in the city of Dublin. So the painting was born, and was the required nudge to get back into the studio. Thank you, Graham.

new print coming October 2009 s/n 100

Watch Lake 18"x36" Acrylic
During a week at Watch Lake at 70 Mile House in 2008, for a family vacation, I did several plein aire pieces, one of which was worked up into the final version.

New print coming October 2009 s/n 100

Baker in SpringBaker in Spring 18"x36" Acrylic

New print coming October 2009 s/n 100

Early SnowEarly Snow 18" x 24" acrylic (available as Giclée print)

Valley Nite Lights IVValley Nite Lights IV 11"x14" acrylic
Cruisin'Cruisin' 18"x24" acrylic on canvas - gicleée available
Watch Lake 1Watch Lake Image 1 8"x10" pleine aire acrylic
Watch Lake 3Watch Lake Image 3 8"x10" pleine aire acrylic
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