Early days

I am forever being asked how long I’ve been a painter, for tips on how to get started painting; just as the person learning to drive a car should be nowhere near a vehicle until certain other things have been learned, so it is with painting. For weekend painters, content with a bit of color on canvas and a couple of hours spent hopefully pleasantly, knock yourself out. If your aspirations are to actually learn how to paint, leave the paints and brushes alone….until you have learned how to draw. Drawing teaches design, perspective, value, composition, center of interest etc. For this reason, I have included a random sampling of drawings done over a 10 year period.

(I also have a collection of "how drawing leads to painting", here. )

PERSONAL NOTE One of my daughters, a grade 12 student, has over the last 2 years, developed an uncommonly keen eye and deft hand for drawing; no, this was not pounded into her. She is a better technical drawer at her age than I was, and probably better than I am now. She observes me in the studio, occasionally moaning “I CAN’T PAINT!”
I just chuckle.

The early days of pen, ink and watercolour -

1984 pen and ink
1984 pen and ink 2
1980 ink
1986 pencil
1985 ink and washes
1985 ink and wash
1985 ink
1984 ink & watercolor
1983 1st watercolor

and before then there was Drawing leads to Painting

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